I am a Phoenix And I can Born again or Destroy all Before I die...

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  • yay a sample only track

  • surprising

  • cool track

  • YOu like the way you look dontcha...because your tracks are just like...all about you hahaha!!! this is still neat!!!

  • pretty cool! COuld work more on the transitions between sections.

  • pretty sweet man

  • it definately has a good toon, but at the one part where you switched to the offbeat, you shouldve added a little more because it set the tune a bit off with the sudden change. overall its amazing. :3

  • good track! I think i will do a remix :D

  • good track!!

  • great work nice transitions!

  • Hate it

  • This is unlike any song I've ever heard... I love it! Can't wait to hear your new tracks!

  • well work :)

  • cool

  • Nice Mega, I like the style.. I'm more of a hardcore person myself, so I would do some hard stuff with this here, but style nice. Keep up the good work.... Check out this one I did recently called Nemesis. Let me know what you think. Nemesis