Picture of Mike Posner. - Courtesy of Google.

When i first heard this song a couple of years ago, man, i just fell in love with this guys vocals!

So i started a remix ( 1 year ago )

The remix was completely rubbish so i abandoned it.

As most of you know i recently returned to the account and this track brought back memories ( as many memories as a 15 year old can have ;D )

So i restarted and here it is.

Probably a finished project once i fix the kicks, the build up snare shots and do a little Eq'ing!

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  • I was 15 when i made this, man.

  • Damn, so good

  • Phanks sir.

  • nice!

  • oh this is good, I love that stereo bass, I just wish it had more low end, add a sub or something

  • ._. i thought you didn't like me.

  • Love it!!!


  • Lol, dont worry mich :)

    I still love you <3

  • you did a wonderful job on this again man the comp is amazing! great remix

  • i really like the fact you corrected the vox man nice work sorry i didnt comment sooner bro!!! hope all is well your way. iv been pretty busy lately and had a long day already figured id hope on and catch up on my AT friends

  • Thats sick as hell :)

  • lol

  • Thanks guys :)

    First ever 50 favourites on a track :)

    I'm too scared to publish anything now, because it'll be hard to follow up :p

  • Soo amazing