Cover of track Mister Mario ( Original Round One) Instrumental by Sh4gg3/BoltPen Production
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Sh4gg3/BoltPen Production, Mister Mario ( Original Round One) Instrumental


( Keep in mind that this is being uploaded the same way because I accidently made a lot of progress on remixing the song with some diffrent effects, but I couldn't find a way to copy the original without deleting my progress I made so far. My computer got glitchy so I had to overwrite the original draft with constant versions until I wanted to publish the mix. So this is actually the original version. :p Sorry for the inconvienance! I hope you like the new version too! )Final version of part one of 2. ( Might upload agian for cover and to maybe add some effects like echo or phaser or somthing. This is literally my best work so far, because it goes with my rap. So I'mma gonna keep editing for da sound. >:D )

Sorry about the constant version updates, I had to edit it some more because it didn't play right when I finally uploaded it. Also, this is actually a rap. I do admit that there are SOME sounds that I had help with, but the rap is all mine. Speaking of which, if you would like to see the version WITH the words, I'll be making a video with me rapping to it! Although the quality of it is NOT as good, it will at least show you the lyrics. Also, along to follow up with this issue I'm just saying donations are appreciated. I'm working on getting equipment, starting wiht a proper mic. I really need a good mike so I can record my vocals into the music itself. Any help is appreciated. Also doing requests for some other games. Just ask me and if I can do it, I'll do it. Anyways the music itself will NOT be downloadable, and can only be purchased. Ask me personally for more details. Some of my other songs will also be switched from being able to download to not being able too. Only some though. And some don't need to be purchased even though they can't be downloaded. Just ask me if you can use ti in a video or jsut to listen to it and I'll see about it. Also looking for anyone that can probaly draw me a Mario cover. ANYTHING HELPS!!!

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