It's been a very long time! But it's good to take a break from my PhD to get my creative juices flowing :)

Recently been learning about the holographic principle (AdS/CFT correspondance) hence title for now. It's really interesting stuff!

Got another couple of projects with around a minute of track done so who knows... maybe I'll publish again within a year this time haha

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  • wow

  • this is so. frickin. polished

    • Maybe! But when you publish as infrequently as I do you definitely have a creativity issue!

    • maybe it's one and the same; polished creativity and creative polish!

    • Thanks :) sometimes I think I spend too long trying to make my sound polished and not enough time on the creative part!

  • this is insane man fr constantly fresh vibes throughout the 6 minutes

    • looking forward to it!

    • Thanks so much! hopefully will have something even better out soon for the comp :)

  • why does this only have 340 listens?

    • but yh also being inactive a bit can lead people to not check in every now and then too

    • it kind of depends on a lot of different things, for instance in my case a lot of followers that are new tend to be bots or alts and followers that u already have are either inactive due to moving on or other reasons or just simply don't catch the release bc their feed is bigger for following more people

    • oh thats true

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  • Love those chords at the end

  • wow awesom atmosphere!

  • i always love how detail oriented your stuff is and your lush sound design

    • really like how you drop everything out and slowly build it back up, very floaty sounding through there

  • ooooo that's a real nice bass right here

    • Haha cheers, good old sub is all I need. Anything more fancy and I start to get confused

    • nooo let me tell you that's a really nice all :D

  • Amazing sounds!

  • Fantastic sounds as always. Glad to see you're still pushing out stuff amidst academic craziness!

    • Yes, I've been following some of the news. Stay safe! And best wishes to you and your neighbors and friends & families.

    • Sounds great, sounds very similar to the UK in terms of lockdown measures. Though we definitely could be doing better with the number of cases!

    • I've been good. I hope you're doing well with social distancing over there! Here (Seattle), we are doing extremely well in terms of controlling the spread; meanwhile, our restrictions aren't too confining. Businesses are closed unless it's essential (food, etc.) which have to be take-out only. We can still run around, have walks, etc.; we can still enjoy the outsides pretty freely!

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  • Dr. Audial

  • Very nice

  • You are a musical genius.

  • Very soothing and uplifting. Love it.