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  • the song it's so good, so I am preparing a remix (don't worry, I added something new to it!). stay tunned!


  • I actually never realized this was one of the demos in the studio until now lol

  • this song has become the center of "fuck it i remixed this and did nothing at all"

    • lmao thats right lol

    • Explanation-

      This is a demo song, so when new users click this on demo, it gives them the draft. They probably think that everyone will think they made it, and publish it without doing anything. They don't know it is a song made by wightfall, they think they made it.

    • at least i remixed this properly and NOT did nothing...

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  • this is too good man!

  • this is that vibe when you walk walk outside on a summer night and its all pitch black.

  • <3

  • Very nice!

  • this is such a beautiful track, I can stop listening to it. <3

  • Beautiful progressions! This song does not fail to keep a listeners attention and is very very well made! One of the best songs on this platform!

  • :(

  • How have I not heard this? This is super good!

  • Best template in my opinion.

  • Fucking glad I bumped into this.