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  • This is good... but this is a Tycho - Awake, remix, right? It has the same melody, just some tones lower.

  • ive been thinking of some perfect vocals for this

  • hot bby

  • Quality™

  • i always like to see what knocks me outta the tenth spot , and i dont mind losing to this at all man.

    <3 great work.

    • haha my bad lol, thanks for your love man

  • thanks guys for all the support :)

  • <3

  • I love the feeling to this song

  • mmmmmmmmmmmm I love this

  • gg

  • You're so great man

    • nooo non are

  • so chillllll

  • chords make me think of odesza or tycho. love it.

  • fr why aren't you famous yet

  • Thanks guys haha, had this one sitting around for a while....Then a friend told me it sounded pretty lets see what y'all think