I have no idea if this is any genre. I think it's just Audio M.D.

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  • Ya Know this really fits the title, the music easily paints a picture of a butterfly randomly flying around like its drunk, like the way they all look when they fly and trying to stay away from all the danger that lurks

  • Haha. Grazie Marco.

  • ...dovresti far sentire questa canzone a Wyne visto che ormai lo conosci ;-)

  • Semplice ma brillante! Bella Eric!

  • Lol. Thanks TS. Basically if it's random sounds that no one listens too will just call it AMD. Hehe. Thanks for listening my friend.

  • outstanding example of the amd genre :)

  • love all the subtle nuances U made, good track

  • nice.

  • Hey dude, long time no see. You've grown. Good to hear from ya again. I need to check out your new stuff, I haven't heard any of your latest tracks except maybe one.

  • :) no way sammy

  • Wow, this track my suck even worse than I thought.

  • Minimal?