testing headphones

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  • soo good


    • damn youve remixed this a lot, i cant blame ya

  • ooooo amazing!

  • huhhhhhh how did you do this haha

  • Wow, I missed this one. Beautiful! Love all the little details and the experimentation. Go for it!

  • U r one of my fav artists in here .... i came back to audiotool after 2 years ... and the first thing i do is check u out ..... :) keep rolling man

    weird beginnings

  • thank you my friends.

  • i swear u just took me 40 different beautiful places on earth and beyond in 6:14 ..outstanding <3

  • Awesome track - I really like the low ambiance. I think the cover art is of star trails, not rain.

  • <33333333333

  • Great!

  • Missed this, sorry

  • Very executed, I love it man :)

  • it makes me uncry. lol @ the mixed feelings, make what you feel is right kepz.

  • Distort pad makes me almost cry though.