My final project for AP Music Theory. I'd certainly like to see what other people would do with this, so feel free to remix. Follows classical four-part voice leading rules. B minor - F# major - B minor, essentially Ternary form. (F# major's a bitch.)

The title is a reference to the Greek "Nous," which is similar in meaning to intuition. I I found it interesting due to the parallel with "Noose" when spoken aloud and the French "Nous," meaning "we," when read.

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  • 100th fav :3 you deserve it

  • Re-fav!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • FUCK! I still cant remix Nous!

  • urg it wont let me remix it

  • Wow this is perfect for remixing! I will see what comes to mind.. :)

  • Well composed song! Amazing relaxing vibe!

  • love this!! :D lol F# major's a bitch

  • im sorry for askin this on your wall but does anyone know how to start a track im new at this.

  • refav!!

  • this is awsome!

  • Really good love the beat could tell u took time:D

  • this is amazing

  • cool listen my new track plz :)

  • my pair of shoes

  • oooh beautiful shoes! Excellent work for this project and congrats! ;)