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  • Beautiful work !


  • Just listened quickly to the different parts, they are all worth a 20-min relaxing break

    • If I remember correct I used a merger to connect tree heisenberg-synths together playing different parts of a melody and then automate the merger to let it flow from one to another. This prevents al sounds adding up in loudness I guess. Thanks for you're comment:~)

    • So, I just finished listening to the whole, and I confirm :)) Each synth has enough space to breathe, which accentuates the very relaxing atmosphere, that's very nice to hear

  • sounds like something i would hear from Ultimae Records, great job!

  • very nice,bro.

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    rithmthings, more solid end, panning space, ride volume, snare pitch and volume

  • Republished

    drum pattern experiments, kick tune, swirl smal notes, bass end longer, upbeat ending thing, ride biginning tripple slower one time

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    volumes, little basssolo, ride intro, feedback lower 8-9min.

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    swirl unmuted

  • Republished

    minor basd changes, space on and of, ride intro,volume swirl,

  • This is very Kool

    • Thanks a lot for you're support, stil working on it so please listen again later in the progress.:)

  • Republished

    swirl and space panning, volume snare, ride dalay, flanger automation,.....

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  • Republished

    drum volume, panning space and feedback, centroid2, minor melody, drum rithm

  • but not today

  • some things went wrong this one minute silence at end, I hear strange rendering sounds they don't belong there. need to fix some stuff