by far my best track. i spent ages making this.

I decided to mix dubstep and melodies and some growls, with some serious dance stuff. i actually made the lead melody before i found the piano, so it was a nice suprise being able to fit it in the actuall melody. this will be the last song of nutrionite, then i'll produce the album and put it on soundcloud and my website.

i'm very proud of this song, so pllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaassssssseeeeee like!

also this is my first melodic dubstep so i hope i've done well. i spent so long on this and i just hope it turned out OK, but i'm still a begginer- i've got so much to learn about AT before i progress more.

for the people out there who dont believe in their accievements and accomplishments, this song is dedicated to you. ever since i left AT for a bit, i've got only up to 2 likes per song- i used to get way more. but that doesnt mean i'm gonna quit, it just means i'm gonna work twice as hard on songs than i did before and work my way to the top. i think that's why I called this song what i did call it, so i could prove that some day, i'll get back to the top. you've just gotta keep striving for the finishing line, so never stop, have fun, and dont press that delete account button if you've fallen on hard times- i'll show you.

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