Remixed existing track (first attempt)

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  • Nice first track man ! I've always wanted to extend it, you did it for me ;)

    Just a quick tip for your next tracks : since you've changed the tempo, the piano sounds a bit out of tune here. i think you can hear it. To fix that, you can use the timestrecht tool of AT. You just need to right-click on the piano loops and select 'change playback mode'>'timestrecht' (default setting is 'pitch'). You can use this for small tempo change (not a big one, it often affects the quality of the sample).

    • *Go ahead, i don't mind !

      Actually remixing tracks is a good way to learn how to use AT, of course you need to start from scratch one day to really learn how to create, but Audiotool is also a good platform since you can open most of the tracks you like, to see how they are made

    • Thanks Tim, i have to admit I don't really know what I'm doing... i was just looking around for music for youtube clips, then though maybe Id make some... but then thought a remix might be easier. Its not quite where i would want it to be but not a disaster...! Would you be happy for me to use it on my clips if i credit you for the original?

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