Cover of track Dont Tell me Lo-fi takes skill. by tai_keowan
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tai_keowan, Dont Tell me Lo-fi takes skill.


i made this in a half hour. Ihad just woken up and this is what i made.

Id love for someone to argue with me about how challenging it is to

1.splat a generic hip hop beat down and move the hats around by 1/128.

2. find any. Litrally any rhode loop and set the bpm to 85-100.

3. write the dumbest melody line in the world in the same key as your now detuned rhode.

4. Grab a slope pedal and turn the 'bandwidth' setting to very low, choose a cotch setting and turn the 'mix knob to about 75%.

5. Jerk off. cause youre done.

Congratz on making the easiest genre ever.

Oh! and dont forget to put a screen cap from your favorite anime movie that was made from 1989-2005 that youve never watched as your song cover.

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