Kinda slippin' of your seat while I molest this dope beat,

I'm dangerous like a fucking rhino in heat,

Look at you man,

You ain't got my abilities,

Feedin' ya tin cans ta show my capabilities,

Bloody esophagus,

This my sarcophagus,

I call this necropolis,

I guess this what OTM (OF TWO MINDS) is,

Sick in the brain,

So you think we're insane,

Turn up the gain so can bring tha muthafuckin' pain.

Call the undertaker,

You're going to meet your maker,

'Spreadin' your loose guts over the entire half-acre

Upon which we spit bars at passing cars,

They crash,

And stumble out seein' stars,

No I'm not angry,

Just in touch with somethin' a tad deeper than you,

A monster of sorts,

And yes he snorts,

Cocaine in the rain,

So yeah, he's insane,

Polyurthane straight to tha muthafuckin' vein.

No I'm not tellin' no story,

Yup this shit fucking gory,



Eatin' up the afterthought of a lost culture,

You like what you hear?

Only in first gear,

Pick up a notch,

Bringing about a sensation like a boot to the crotch,

We rubbin' vaseline on your spline,

'Til it's green,

Visine with caffeine,

In a cateen eatin' soybean,

Had enough?

You don't get to go,

You're mentally handcuffed to this show,

Of horribly morbid thoughts...Forever.

So you've fallen from your chair,

Ass way up in the air,

Locked stare on the ground,

Only fairly aware-of,

The fact your ears are bleeding,

Now you're startin' to plead-an wonder if you'll ever be the same,

It doesn't matter,

We glad ya came,

To witness the shoving of sharp metal down throats,

To unsettle your psyche with some unsavoury notes,

Diagnosed? Yup,

Though we still committin' crimes,

'Cause we don't give a fuck,


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    about 5 years ago

    i would do something on the vocals ;) mastering? a second line? and its a little offbeat at some point ;)

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    about 5 years ago

    Wow this is accually prob the first rap ive heard on at all, great job guys! Amazing lyrics, beats and mixing!!! ;D

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    about 5 years ago


  • User Avatar


    about 5 years ago

    For real though. This is the sickest shit ever

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    about 5 years ago


  • User Avatar


    about 5 years ago

    huge !!!

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    about 5 years ago

    Dark stuff guys, like it :)

    Well produced

  • User Avatar

    Jacob Tyler

    about 5 years ago

    this is pretty cool guys :)

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    about 5 years ago


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    about 5 years ago

    Awesome song!

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    about 5 years ago


  • User Avatar


    about 5 years ago

    actually in parts the lyrics dont flow as well, but in others they do. still its really awesome. :)

  • User Avatar


    about 5 years ago

    and honestly idk why i wrote "HOLY FREAKIN SEEDS." lol. ;)

  • User Avatar


    about 5 years ago

    HOLY FREAKIN SEEDS. DAMN. thats sicckk......DUUDES! i love i love i love it! did you come up with those lyrics and record them? cuz if so you are really good! absolutely loving the music, its just so good....and the lyrics they flow so nicely, and its so dark at the same time...i think it could use more of a bassline, or a glitchy sample for a hook or something, but other than that this is just fantastic. amazing work, both of you! :)