Cover of track Universe (The Radio) [wip] by trevor whatevr
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trevor whatevr, Trevor Whatevr, Universe (The Radio) [wip]


I have a tradition of putting songs out on my birthday that I've done since I was 18. I'm 22 today, but I haven't made anything as of late, in no small part due to a lot of what I wanted to do with my next album becoming impossible after Audiotool disabled sample uploads.

This song's instrumental has been done for most of 2018, and I'm quite proud of it, but it's incomplete without its verses, which are *also* done, but I can't seem to get uploaded even now. (I was gonna rap on it, and sing, too! Isn't that wild?) I didn't want to release it in an incomplete form, but I feel like I simply have to if I ever want anyone to hear it.

I'll let you guys know what's next for me as soon as I figure it out myself. I'm not sure if it'll be here, or somewhere else/with something else entirely. Until then, here's this.


Universe in my head, neither alive nor dead

Bad at being human, guess I'll be a robot instead

(Finally let some words out) but I don't just want the clout

I just figured out what I was gonna be talkin' bout

Weathervane, weathervane, bees are inside my brain

Far beneath the Coral Sea I might just be raising Cane

There's a deer in my house, I'm workin' for McMouse

I got way too many problems that I'm trying to sort out, eyy

Universe in my pocket, it's right next to the rocket

Jansen P12, once it flies there's no way to stop it

I feel like Duck Avenger, bumpin' Static Revenger

cuz I like that, chillin' on a day to remember

My name's Tre but I'm Trevor, try my best to be clever

I'm living that Battery Life in the now and forever

The Treman Starter Pack, Linux, Windows and Mac

My thoughts live in ones and zeroes and you know it's a fact, let's go

Comin' at ya, in stereophonic sound

On the radio, inside your radio

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    about 6 months ago

    Happy 22nd! Can't wait to hear the finished result :).