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2.0. Republished.

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  • Thank you Coma, CallyKay ;)

  • :)

  • this is crazy and awesome!

  • Thanks my friends @tophat @Sco and @Polygon Cube i think it's the most weird comment i've ever read in my life XD i love it! it means a lot :) thank you man

  • I like this song espically the dissonant tones that eventually come in later in the song.

  • If we could turn this song into a painting, id hang it in my room :D

    nice track :3

  • whoA!!!!!!!!!!! I loooooooooooooove this! A rare beauty... great intro and the body chorus is simply breathe taking..

  • Thanks usida!

  • O.O crazy good.

  • Thanks Dei. You know i'm in love with pianos ( XD )...but we wanna make something different. Sounding natural but at the same time forced...Some kind of contrast. Calm down pianos/drone sounds...calm down lines/ powefull lines... You know :)

  • BEAUTIFULL begginning section and really perfect synth there too. when it picks up I say it sounds really cool too but I think maybe more drone sounds and a little piano couldve been put into it too... but its just me maybe. @ 3:14 I love love love!!! that soft synth pad!! this is purely amazing guys!!!!! really really nice nice stuff as always you two! :)