Cover of track Out of the cave, into the Universe* by Audio M.D.
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Audio M.D., Out of the cave, into the Universe*


This is my first track and I'm happy with the result. I've met a lot of really cool people here already and they've helped me a lot. In this one I created my own library with a drum maching and 2 effects pedals. I this used 2 machiniste to help me lay the sounds out as it's much easier to play with than a standard drum machine. I then played around with a Pulv until I got a sound I could live with. I'm not 100% certain about the result but I like the overall effect for my first time. I then added additional percussin track for the intro and endind and some background synths which add a nice density to the sound if you listen closely. In my opinion this soung sounds better with a low volume and the bass up a little or at higher volumes with the bass lower than for most tracks. This is my favourite way to listen to the track as you can hear the subltle sounds more clearly. I hope this song is half as enjoyable to listen to as it was to make. Thanks to everyone for your support throughout my brief time here at audiotool. *Starz*

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    Uprising about 6 years ago

    i have this one faved allready :)

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    oedipax about 6 years ago

    Really good job on your first track! :) I like it. The title suits this. It has a very mysterious vibe.

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    Syntax about 6 years ago

    @Arche, probably. xD

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    arche3.0 about 6 years ago

    thanks for the plug Greyjoy (v.d.) :). I can't second looking up info on synths in general enough. I picked up so much from that and at least was able to break down the pulve to experiment better.

    Also, am I the only one who doesn't speak italian on here? It's not like I haven't learned other languages, I've just given up on trying to remember them/re-learn :P

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    Audio M.D. about 6 years ago

    Gracie Cripta. Hai sentito il template?

    Thanks Greyjoy. Those are very good tips. Witth my new track I'm just starting at the bottom and working my way up. I'm starting to understand a few things but your tips should help me out a lot.