Cover of track Outside of AT Projects (Part 1 & 2) by llloksd
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llloksd, Outside of AT Projects (Part 1 & 2)


@ 1:00 is part 2

So, I haven't uploaded a lot here for a while, and that's do to all my projects not opening. I've tried many of the suggested methods, and different computers, but they won't open. Hungry for more music making, I took to other DAWS (mainly FL Studio).

I'll upload one project every day for the next 5-7 days, that I've been working on since my AT absence. Most of these are really short and nowhere near completion but I put more mixing into each and every one of these than almost all of my AT tracks. In a lot of ways, this is my thank you to AT and the AT devs for showing me that I can actually do something that I always wanted to do since I was a kid, and for creating a completely free and open DAW + community anyone can access.

Because of the 30 second limit to audio uploading, some transitions may not be 100%. I've tried my best to make it seamless as possible.

Links for project/audio/midi files can be given if asked.

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    about 1 year ago

    Also all but 1 or 2 have a piano in it.