Ovavue.Check out the new track,just come out the Lunatix lab,from the album'Back to Zuburbia',due for release early summer 2018.includes tracks like 'budabye','Back to Zuburbia','Planet Zub','LunoZaniak',Zeekwaitha',etc.

Also Look out for the RSI tech 1 album release in most digital stores,entitled,'RAYCEAGENSTYME', 'LiteYeersAhed','The Syantifikal Era'.'RSI tech 1-The mini mega mix'. Lots more singles also,i.e,Fizzy drinks,kontreavance,muzik park,igneous,bakineffeck,rekindle3,mycynfony, Rap tracks(House of Rah-album),but it flows,translantic dance,tekineffeck,etc.Lunatix,out

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