still WIP

Edit : working on the sound...

Download on.

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  • cool!

  • instant goosebumps

  • Surely top5 of AT tracks in my book!....

  • yeah i know, perhaps a bit too glitchy for the moogfest ;-)

  • & trip 17 & cembalo undead & that track Jonjon deleted

  • Didn't make top 20 :( ... Well to me still one of the best AT tracks. Apart from everyday anyone & solar plexus & the lab ;)

  • cool

  • yes really good one bro!

  • very nice mate!!

  • My new favorite AT song... ;) I'll pitch this one to Mr.standfast.

  • Thx for the tip!

  • it works very well with the glitchy things ;-) one of my trick is that i cut the sample every 1/16 bar and randomly re-organize them... bounce it when i satisfied with the part and i do it again and again ;-)

  • *eats ;)

  • Also making glitched beats the hard way really ears up your cpu! Maybe I should try that bounce sample trick.

  • well to be honest...... i have tried to do it with the machiniste and the rassel... but i didn't succeed to have the sound i wanted... and it's more easier to cut a sample and play with it through the rasselbock than programed it in a full sequence on the machiniste... for nearly the same sound and result.