I didn't stray all that far from the original on this remix. I tried to retain the minimal theme and create a danceable, lively track at the same time. This one's much more about subtlety though. (i got tired of it pretty quickly; didn't really feel like spending any more time on it)


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  • Nice!

  • wwouuaaaouuu impec =)

  • great!

  • my audiotool won't let me listen to any tracks and its starting to piss me off

  • lol forgot to fav this

  • Buen sonido amigo.

  • My opinion: HECK YEAH. :P

    Happy summer to you too! And everyone else...

  • I just can delete my remix because this one is going to win for sure ;)

    Nice job!

  • from 3:40 its better than original pretty awesome track

  • Agghh!! You're too good! ;-) - I like the panning of sound from left to right midway through the song and towards the end. Great auditory experience and awesome job!

  • Very Good!!!

  • eargasm

  • bravo! ;)

  • Excellent ! XD

    Happy summer!

  • Another contest goes to Astrum! :3 Also, I live in Europe so Summer really isn't here yet.