Cover of track pc crach or audiotool sad moment by Asclepeion
  • about 8 years ago
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Asclepeion, pc crach or audiotool sad moment


do you got crazzy lagg ? if you try to remix this like you see i cant complet it worst part this is my exit tha tlagg ruined 6 hours works lost a track and done this frustrated like ....:( track drum i ever made is lost for ever ...

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    about 8 years ago

    oh you put a name for what i create thx matty yeah i like emotional tune i did not know that sond emotional thx i am new in the music world my writting skill are hell bad i put sond that i lke last night found out the record button to adjust volume and other stufff its make burnstudio a unique place on the internet your comment could help me getting skill let me know when you dont like them thx ;p:)

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    about 8 years ago

    Emotional tune in Audiotool? It's more likely than you think.

    I like this, that lag's nasty stuff.