A really phast-paced song.

also, in the comments, please tell me what you imagine as you listen to this. you don't have to, but if you want to, i recommend it!


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  • true classic

  • i used to be so proud of this track. i still am.

  • fuck yea

  • still good ! :D

  • goata goe phast

  • gotta go phast

  • only 10 more faves for 3rd most popular song!?!?

  • the picture especially makes me think of a very long car journey.

  • Wonderful. absolutely astonishing

  • lel

  • Republished

    I hate that i had to change the kick. for some reason, the old one was all fucked up. I've fixed it again now.

  • Ah, i love looking back at this. Imperfect, clippy, nooby music.

  • Must refae... Yet again. Great song. :)

  • running down the sidewalk, trying to catch that darned taxi

  • still love this