I ran out of ideas...

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  • Awesome musik, I like it!

  • Amazing cembalo sound, but unfortunately many mistakes ( 01:07 , 01:15 etc)

  • Cool track, I know this took a lot of time to get it all right. I love me some classical.

    Great work, Ya Done Good!!

  • aahh <3 <3 <3

  • i learned how to use sequencers looking at oedipax tracks what an excellent pianist and musician which makes her such a great producer !

  • Thanks! :)

  • This is super!

  • Lol!!! Bach goes analogue! There were just some parts that were incorrect, which made me twitch, but good work! I like the synth!

  • I knew that Bach used the tube ... ha! this cembalo sounding pulv is absolutely amazing, totally organic! great collab ;)

  • Grandissimo!!!!!!!!!! :-)

  • wtf !!!!!!!!!!!

    :) this is so cool it's shocking - a true hidden gem

  • Baroque and roll!

  • That was amazing, one of the best creations in Audiotool I've heard.

  • Hey thanks man. I appreciate that :)

  • Yes oedipax you just blown me away, this is serious shit!! love it, i like all genre's in music as long as it is well composed. YOu really made this sound like a clavecimble, very refreshing!! i am a fan