So I didn't want to change it much, cause it's really, really good to start off. Just changed the vocals a bit and added some drums. Also played with the wobbly synth towards the end. enjoy :)

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  • Really? huh. the drums are kinda driving me crazy, but I guess I can live with it. Ok i won't delete it. Thanks for the feedback though :)

  • I agree with the others, the drums sound cool this way, nice edit (:

  • Nah man I wouldn't delete this! The drums are a tiny bit off, but I agree with Jakeanaor, it gives a cool effect :) Awesome edit :D thanks!

  • the drums are barely off. only by like 1/128th of a sec. it actually kinda creates a cool affect. i'd keep it

  • ahhhh. NOOO. sounds terrible on headphones. Drums didn't synch up right. Think I'm gonna delete this. Just bad

  • thanks :)

  • the edit sounds fantastic.