Cover of track (EndVite x MSFT4Ever) by EndVite
  • about 6 months ago
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EndVite, (EndVite x MSFT4Ever)


First track on Audiotool! Audiotool Next is quite awesome!

Thanks to MSFT4Ever too & w/o him this track would be trash tbh

@Ànjel :

"EndV is truly talented! It was a pleasure!!"

M4E: Pads, 808, sidechain, etc.

EndV: Drums, plucks, vox, piano

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    miguel_guerrero-qOF840 1 week ago

    so wavy . i like

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    Renz about 3 months ago


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    ZIM about 6 months ago

    Wow this is you're first track? I love the pad

    Have you been using other DAWs?

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    stoboy about 5 months ago


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    Deer Beats about 6 months ago

    The sound design is great. Sounds like some professional stuff!

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      EndVite about 5 months ago

      Anymore pros on this website? or did they leave? I don't blame em there's nothing here

    • User Avatar

      EndVite about 6 months ago

      Damn we Pros lmao