More fine tuning/minor adjustments/better integrating the Machiniste. The melody still could use a little work, I think.

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  • Maybe I should do an 8 bit mix ;p

    And talk about repetitive melodies... I go between extremes; I either splice things up so much you almost never hear the main melody all the way through at once, or I let one or more elements run on and on forever. Both have their place of course, as long as it compliments the rest of the composition. That's where the trouble is in this track, imo. Too many "sacred calves" & spread too thin.

  • reminds me of all the old gaming system soundtracks

  • I'm thinking of attempting a hardstyle remix of this track, just because it would be completely absurd but it would also live up to the title. This note is to remind myself that I had that idea ;p

  • :)

  • They are a little similar, aren't they? Though yours is much more relaxing. Mine's sort of clammorous, hehe.

  • the minute i heard the tonematrix melody i found it famliar. It happens to sounds very similar to my first track at AT first encounter don't you tjink so?

  • good, no changes in that part! ;)

  • Republished

    maybe one more republish & i'm done, promise!

  • This one's getting a makeover. It's my least favorite so far but I think it could be good.

  • That was the fun part. =)

    Secretly hating the melody too... while I was writing it I got a good laugh out of it but now I've heard it a hundred times it just sounds sort of annoying. =p

  • Not really a fan of the melody but fuck have you come up with some good sounds on the pulve. No contributors is always a good thing too. Keep at this, you're gonna be good! :)

  • Republished

    Update: corrected misspelling in title to better convey double meaning

  • Nice synths. I am gonna take a look at this one... :)

  • Thanks, I had fun making it & learned a lot of tricks to use in later tracks. =)