Hello Abby,

remember when I said this would be the most awesome thing you will ever receive? Yeah I totally over exaggerated :3, regardless I still hope you enjoy it! Originally I was going to upload this song on a small electronic contraption and have it play on that, however there were compatibility issues with the Arduino and its taking too long to solve. Besides a song by itself is pretty good, its heavily inspired by you everything about it has a meaning to it from the name to the subtle use of time fluctuation and the frog at the end. I underestimated how easy it would be to make it, and I can’t believe I actually completed it. But its thanks to you that I did, you’re a spark plug for my motivation thanks for igniting something amazing.

Full disclosure when you said yes to prom I did a little happy dance, I’m so excited that I get to go with you. you are one of my favorite people ever, did I ever tell you that? You change me, and in a good way. You offer a perspective that I can’t see by myself. Every time I talk to you I learn something new, whether I realize it or not. You’re non-judgmental and compassionate those are amazing qualities that I wish more people had. Did I ever mention that you’re flipping gorgeous? This isn’t a subjective opinion; this is an objective fact! nerdy sarcasm aside you’re so hot that you could denature my proteins. I have the stupidest smile right now. It makes me happy just writing about you. My sudden protracted cardiac arrhythmia tells me that I like you, and that I like you, for you.

You’re irreplaceable, Beautiful, and unforgettable.

Have a good day pumpkin!


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