sound design .. Karlvegas/Uprising

Lead synth....Uprising

Drums Karl Vegas/uprising

Panoramic Bass... Uprising

Lead bass...Karlvegas

Main Vocals...The Alchemist ( thanks guys)

! vocal sample at the end (orlondro)

Ak 47 and death crys( audiotool Library)

Arangment (Uprising)

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  • Nice combo of Creators. Muahahah.

  • i almost pushed the button too XD, even though i helped make this song XD

  • Wow! Great track!

  • @ skruhmshus Was that a question? lol

  • this is indeed a track u made

  • hehe i caught my self almost clicking that button i wonder how many people almost did that lol

  • Cooool!!!! :-)

  • lol, thx

  • prty cool

  • i love these vocals :)

  • thats Karl's Sound design on the synth lead he made the sound and left the feild empty for some one to make a synth there :)== uprising

  • lol XD

    nice analysis XD

  • Wow. Great track. It's got a powerful sound. Nice work.

  • i put an 3/4 time sig track in the drafts bank if you want to take a look at it :) its really an experiment with 3/4 sigs since no one really uses.. if you want you can take a look if it wakes up your muse by all means add to it and mark it if not My feelins wont be hurt ill pick it up as uprising and do a solo on it :)

  • Hehe.. Well done with your analysis :) !..O.k yeh it is something like that :) !