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LEAKING THIS SONG EARLY FOR MY 666 FOLLOWER SPECIAL!! TYSM!!! i wasn't expecting to drop this until this friday BUT- ILY <3


This song was written for my dad. I feel like i've always let him down in a way, and me choosing to pursue music and deciding not to go to college i think really made him feel like i was a lost cause </3 this song is really personal to me so i hope you enjoy.

Again- i cant thank you enough for the amount of love and support- this album is super special to me.





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  • remember Vizil's comment on this?

  • best song to be sad to...

  • coming back and listening to this, I'm not gonna lie, I'm sad af, these were the days, when things were simple and easy, and I had no cares in the world, and now coming back with all the stress and other shit I have now, I'm legit bouta cry

  • sheesh almost a year already i remember when this came out

  • Yooooooo this was an old favourite of mine b4 I was forced to leave AT lol.

    Glad to have returned honestly.

  • Tell your father you are amazing you gonna be drake one day

  • wow man what a beautiful song. im surprised I didnt hear this till now

  • : )

  • I had this loop over 100 times did it yesterday too so it was more than likely to be looped 500 times:)

  • I like the little knock sound on the left side. You pulled it off well so it didn't sound lopsided

  • your grate

    • Lol he replied and said u were gay

    • Yo're the one that cannot be replicated*

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  • This is awesome sorry about your dad I know what feels like😔

  • I feel the same way with my dad but do not think like that. also, I really like the song I can't wait till I hear more music but I like this one a lot:)

  • on the charts for 6 weeks

    5/6 were #1


    he is a god

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  • love this <3