Cover of track QualityNoise - Fantastic [Música Del Fuego] by QualityNoise ( Official)
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QualityNoise ( Official), QualityNoise - Fantastic [Música Del Fuego]


Finally. This didn't take me too long, luckily.

Hope you guys enjoy!

2 more pre-sets if you guys want to use them: QN - Square Synth Melody (On Pulverisateur), and QN - Pluck Arp (On Heisenberg).

Hope you guys like the song! I once again for the first introduced synth, played it on my keyboard a while ago and did it again to refreash my brain on that melody, and I tried to again copy it down in Audiotool the best I could.

Enjoy! ;-D

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    QualityNoise ( Official)

    about 2 years ago

    Thanks for da like mate. ;-)