Just mastering now.

I tried to be orginbal, and ended up creating the original arp for this. Then I got made and figured id just build, then remix the rest of the song.

Fml. I cant make my own shit. Remixing for lyfe.

I Had to use a sample For the Piano, Vocals, and A saw. I coulnt tune the piano Stuff in AT for the life of me. Plus, its not too terrible to use a sample, If you made everything else, Right?

I just really like Remixing stuff man.

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  • i feel like if the bpm was up some more this would be greatttttttt! <3

  • rayn on dem hose while smoking pipe

  • Holy shit the kick is way too hard. How did this get 40 with that kick?

  • im going to make a little edit ;3

  • bruhhh those chords!!!

  • its great. the vocals were done very well <3 could use a little better synth-work though

  • you hmu when it was at 22 k

    ill see how far i can make it go xD

  • nice dude

  • I love to be orginbal XD

  • Holy shit im editing the hell out of this.

  • Republished

    Edited Second Drop. Added antoher 8 bars.

  • woah

  • lmao, i love the monstercat pic

  • Republished

    Added pic and tags.

  • Republished

    Added proper ending. Changed postion of notes on synths. Disabled downloading till its finished