Was trying to explain a bit about the Rasselbock to one of the Mr BrainDeads at work, so made this in order to use mp3 as a bit of a demo for him. Random patterns of single effects (randomly changing any effect parameters) on the (annoying) single tone at first, then added random notes and made a random multi-effect pattern. Unfortunately the annoying tone has to run the whole length so the Rass always has something to work on.

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  • This sounds like delayed commute

  • Awesome, my friend.

  • Glad I did bother to listen.

  • amazing todd !!

  • Sounds So Good I Can't Stop Listening To This Beautiful Melody Is Like A Peaceful Melody

  • Thanks Andy. Handy tip as well, will try that at some time.

  • one of my favorite things to do is to put a delay set to 1, then a splitter, then one cable goes dry into a mixer, and the other goes through arass with a slow effect across the board... then arpeggiate some chords and its like you get automatic accompaniment.

  • You know, experimental works like this do the body good :D

  • The tags have been randomised!!! Rearrange to make a meaningful sentence. D I Y E W T C