Make this chart because I feel like everyone needs to hear it.

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  • bro i miss these days so much

  • niiiiiiice

  • open remix

  • I have a few adjustments to make before I send it out to labels

  • I like this!

  • ooh yeas

  • this is hot <3

  • aw hell yea

  • its good. needs some work, but defininetly has potential. Nice work.

    • I didnt say to limit it. Slower the level on that inital Sub, Since thats muddying up the start of the track. Or put it as stereo, so it isnt clashing with the other instuments. When its at 1:00 its all good to leave it at that volume level. Just leveling, and some minor effects is all it needs. But I would download this and blast this in my car when im driving around, man.

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  • this is nice, real chill

  • hell yeah man

  • Amazing

  • Im actually grooving heavily to this.

  • rap over this.