Cover of track Remix comp for 70+ followers? Black by BlackBriarMead
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BlackBriarMead, Remix comp for 70+ followers? Black


I dont have a bit of a clue for what to do with this lol, so just enjoy it i guess?

Remix if you want :D ill be giving this about a week from today so the 19th of this month is the cutoff so get the entries in :)

Rules* Do whatever you want with it, just make sure it follows the basic principle of this song, make something creative and original not something that doesnt even follow this or is just plain and boring

do not make it super short or super long either, put some effort into it

Take it to any genre you want :) hell make it a screamo xD as long as its good and not obnoxious and loud and shit

1st - Collab with me of any idea of yours on FL :) along with you(being the winner) will have your winning track reposted on my profile :) (track will be posted on Soundcloud too!)

2nd - Collab with me on an idea of mine on FL or AT (if its amazing enough it will be on soundcloud also (;) - looks weird on purpose, you figure out which way

3rd - get to work on a progressing song on AT with me, details will be worked out later :)

Sorry the 'loot' isnt mind blowing idk what to even have as loot lol

Details for collab will be worked out when it comes about :)

top 10 remixes will be put together in an album, top 10 will be decided by me, not just the plays you get or the support for it

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