This is my Klub Affekt submission, a (hopefully) epic trance song. This was made hastily, since I only had inspiration on the weekend before the deadline. And on top of that, I had school, so I lost some sleep making this.

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  • holy crap i still remember the bridge melody up to this day!

  • Yummy :)

  • refav.. i wish audiotool had more trance like this. every time i hear it on spotify, just blows my mind because of how professional this sounds

  • Whats the word when perfect just isnt enough? What ever it is - take it! It fits to that great song!!!

  • oh mah damn

  • haha, already faved! :)

  • Definitely deserves more faves.

  • I really liked this track, I made a mastered version of it for you if you want to hear it. I can send it to your email or dropbox or whatever. Keep up the great music

  • impressive work !

  • congrats bro! you finally won ;)

  • :)

  • great job freak

  • great job dude! so inspirational, i love the arp at the beginning. and ur pads are FLAWLESS

  • Trancemotherfuckingfreak awesome track