Cover of track Resurrection-ppk (3rd Edit) in prog by RΘCK4AC!Đ
  • about 4 years ago
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RΘCK4AC!Đ, Resurrection-ppk (3rd Edit) in prog


edited a lot, still needs new drums and a few tweeks here and there, and working on endind

been re-editing this for some time now but never published it, was wanting to pub it as a remix but it wouldnt load all the new edit i been working on had to save the original under a remix file and still determining on if i should post of keep as draft file for now idk lol

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    RΘCK4AC!Đ about 4 years ago

    updating this file, didnt think to remix it b4 i re-edited most of the original so ill save the original as a remix if i cant get a template saved

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    David Robinson about 4 years ago

    sounds ok

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    about 4 years ago