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  • cant believe this is 6 years old now

  • oh damn

  • nice

  • What a vibe

  • le big mac

  • 2 years ago my ass

    • now this comment is 2 years ago haha

  • We would like this to be in a podcast! Is that okay with you?

    • Lol I was on my mission at the time so I didn’t see that haha

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  • bruh this made my day

    epic parts about this: kick is clean, punches through nicely

    vocal chops are nice

    lol i can't crit this piece of art this is the best

  • honestly this track gave flavor to its time, rai your fucking mad to leave us, especially now :(

  • refav

  • still one of the best <3

  • refav

    plz come back

  • Certified bopper. So much bounce, holy moly

  • bumpin this in my car is the best time i’ve ever had

  • refav