obviously theres a lot of work to do here, and i will..just wanted to upload it, enjoy

Also, most presets from @n o t s a l v o if you're wondering.

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  • :0 one of my samples here

  • that's a powerfull beat!

  • absolute heater

  • She Hax

  • Is the back round music spooky scary skeletons in abstract?

  • cool!

  • also I made a different account

    called DEnugget

  • And love you music

  • momo is trying to bring back house on at..


    • this is future house but on the more generic side because future house is highly experimental.

    • there are many different kinds of house. there's g house, deep house, progressive house, bass house, future house, and the old stuff that's just house i guess.

    • House is still popular mate, people just don't make it anymore as they used to do.

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  • Banger <3

  • wow this is so good momo

  • YOOOO this is sick

  • ooooh!

    I see u!

  • ayy