First real big collab with six artists.

It took a long time to finish because there's always some other project had the attention but now I am trilled to present this to you all.

Thanks to Zack, Okin, Nitexwl, Vania (johan C.) and Naswalt for the great effort!

{enjoy the music}

Meander :~)

Cover Credit:

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  • this is not what I expected you guys to make of my guitar tapping recording! this is so creative and was so fun to hear the different stages of the track! great work <3

  • fun ideas, sadly i didn't contribute much but a massive hats off to all the creators who pulled this off

    • Well it thought of the mixtape things where various artists do like 30 sec, but I inmagine it to be one track combining different styles instead. Just didn't think it would turn out like this, pretty nice, hope next time to have some vocals in the mix:~)

    • No problem, glad that you were able to arrange everything and keep it all together. Massive team leadership :)

    • Well if you open the track you see that what you created is used all over the track, thanks for the effort! hope we can do this again but be quicker to finish it :~)

  • Very cool !

  • yES!

  • Creative work. This rock funky techno feeling.

  • 8 minutes and 28 seconds of pure ear candy! great work guys

  • Whoaaa , that work is Epic. Love the switch from rock to club to rock ...🔥🔥🔥🔥