i was so drunk- i layed down the samples a counter melody, started chopping up the drums and got distracted djing the rest of the night


bass and stuff - rai

leads and stuff - owtlet

counter melody and stuff - sim

naswalt was there for moral support

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  • ghosts and stuff - chonoes

  • Ever since dreamhack a really close friendship group was born

  • lol. boobs.

  • the guy in the back left corner looks exactly like me from that angle 💀

    • it sounds like one of my songs called the future part 4 and bfb iance but i remake it parts 1 and 2 but mixed together at the right speed

    • ive found my body double lmao

    • hold on one sec

    7 more
  • Nice track guys

  • now i have boobs in my school chromebook search history ty

  • methinfetamine moment where you get a drug addiction or an alien in your throat

  • this was truly an Audiotool Moment

  • 00:48 when the melody comes in, it's my favorite part. Good job everyone on this!

  • i wish i didn't have to leave so early that night

    still missing you guys

    • we're gonna all link together soon <3

  • who won the lightsaber battle?

  • The meetup was the highlight of my year for sure

  • i hope my dad dont see my favourites tab

  • crazy collab!

  • ain't gonna front that the Chinese food was immaculate after a long day of booth running and streaming. thanks for getting me a plate, y'all!