Another simple trance track.

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    Jacob Tyler about 5 years ago

    this is such an amazing song. i love this sorta 90s trance track. in fact you inspired me to make my own trance track Labores Solis

    id be greatful if anyone woud check it out

    if you follow me ill follow you:) Thanks. sorry for wasting your time:)

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    Noir Greyson about 5 years ago

    This is nice and simple. I like it. The synths are nice and clean. If there's anything that could be changed, I'd make the note envelope shorter at about 2.50 then bring it back to normal. Other than that, The song is really cool.

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    Sigma about 5 years ago


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    Skyvoicer about 6 years ago

    Joli mec ta meilleure !!!

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    cripta about 6 years ago

    i still listen this specially first part ..absolutely my fav of yours :)