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  • i want do download it but i cant. :(

    • o sorry i forgot taht its a very very good work

  • Hard bro keep up the good work fam

  • Why did the sauce man go to the pretty ladies? Cause he was feeling saucy!! :D

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  • i am devastated

  • One of the most popular tracks on AT, wow

  • brings back the old memories

    • same

      I remember this from when i first joined Audiotool

  • i have nothing but respect for this artist and the efforts they did, even if it's simple or bland (like what some people say idk lol)

    • some people like simplicity, some like the banging trap beats, ITS JUST HOW AUDIOTOOL WORKS PEOPLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

      we cant get what we wish to see all the time- its better to appreciate the ones who are getting up there, especially for people who never reached to singles before

      cause wouldn't it get repetitive seeing the same artist on singles all the time? can't we just encourage others who wish to be just as great to continue getting better instead of putting them down like this?

    • yeah i understand how upsetting it is for simple things to breach out into the singles charts for weeks while much more vast and diverse tracks barely get any attention, but y'all we gotta understand this is how AT works yknow

      if this what peeps wanna like, see, and fav, then that's them- it's unfair, but then again we had meme posts reach the top for weeks which was caused by, of course, peeps like, seeing, and faving it!

      a song doesnt need to be wildly complex to be considered deserving

  • I don't understand what's why the fuck people are mad about this. This melody and chords are made from scratch. Is it that people are just jealous that someone's track charted instead of their shit?

  • you guys dont realize that your hate for this track is what got me more clout xD

    thanks guys <3

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  • why did you use the hats as sidechain lmao that's the opposite of what you're supposed to do.

    refave anyway.

  • fire

  • wish i can do that just aint got that talent

  • this beat is lit bro!