The most dirty sounds you can get out of audiotool, I think ;)

I really love hardtechno, schranz and all that stuff :D makes me laugh.

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  • great now i need to make some schranz

  • sehr fein :)

  • boom boom boom boom refavvvvv

  • Love the energy!

  • FIST PUMP!!!!!!

  • nice noize i like it check out my tracks

  • this is Justin Bieber on meth

  • volle kanne gegen den limiter mitten in die fresse ne aba gut so

  • This track so... Strange

  • I love hardtekno, and I love your track, well done !!!

  • thanks to you all! yes i create music since i turned 12, but sometimes i listened to the stuff i created the first 2 years, and hmm... it sounds horrible xD but i get better over time, i know that, and i really feel that when creating things, its much easier. Theres just a small number of people who know me, but millions of people know Justin Bieber. Whats wrong with this world :S ^^

  • just a minute ago i saw you are 16years old awesome stuff from a kid =D

    i wish i were so creative when i was younger big up

  • Indeed!!!!! Cgman I have always sought to distort the sound more audiotool I love the hardtechno. congratulations

    tell me your opinion with the next track :)

  • g1. death metal without guitars!!!! ;)

  • romper stomper