It took only two days but is amazing

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  • ayo is this remixable for people? ima make it remixable if it aint

    • yeah but some ppl dont give a damn

    • it says



      you can remix if it allows you

      don't steal it if you click the button, actually remix it, i spent time on those songs, don't just steal my work

      if you recomend me a song, it must be actually good

      don't be mean unless it's a joke

      ask me for collabs if you want, I'll invite you or you can invite me

      don't ask for a collab and not follow through on it

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  • The start is cool, the rest is okay but I'm not a huge fan of this genre.

  • Crazy tranceeeee

  • siiiicckkkk trance

  • cool

  • I don’t deserve to be any part of this song

  • The percussions are a bit to over the top and fast, some parts of this is fine and some parts aren't. The beats are not really mixing well with the claps, hats at 00:25 . The points of where the music stops for short-second bursts and where a drop emits is a little bit off. Did like how you did with 2:17 to 2:21 but that is the only part I really liked. Overall though this isn't bad but isn't good at the same time

    the approach and the idea is good though, just needs a bit more and a bit less

  • I find it a bit too monotonous for the entire duration of the track. How about highlighting the vocals a bit, just with kick and bass in the background and then a big drop?

    The percussions are sometimes a bit too wild for me.

    But I really like the approach and idea.

    • In my trance tracks I usually tried to incorporate a kind of counter melody that plays different notes than the main melody but still harmonizes.

  • Hurts my ears. Sorry just not for me.

  • for some reason when the kick drum isn't playing the clap and hihat sounds very loud and harsh - guessing it's some kind of sidechain/limiter issue. at around 01:50 the rhythms don't complement each other that well imo which makes the section sound a bit cluttered - similar issue in other parts of the track as well. some more variation would be nice as well - one idea could be to add a big spacey part to contrast the dry raw sections with the kick drum

  • Mix needs some work. I read some of the comments. I would recommend not uploading it anywhere until the mix is situated and sound design has improved. Kick isn't as sharp as it could be. Intro synths sound unfinished. Bass frequencies are clashing. Hat and clap are a bit weak. Add more elements to generate interest in the track. An evolving sound would be nice. You want some sort of progression. Cool base idea :)

  • Nice

  • Cool track

  • its ok