This reflects my concept of neurofunk pretty well

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  • I like you songs XD

  • i love your neurofunk because its always experimental, and off-mainstream, but it does it so welll

  • DO you think that eyeballs are in all nuts? Guys... this could be a scientific breakthrough. 0_0

  • Yeeeaah man. Love your old stuff..was going through loads of them the other day. Really funky stuff.

    Don't get me wrong, your new stuff is also great. It's just a slightly different style of neurofunk.

  • lol didn't recognize that

  • i'm such a tool for having the top comment and not even favoriting it i've fixed that.

  • Republished

    changed a bit, more to what I like. Now it sounds more like a dying robot

  • O shittt

  • always find myself back here haha


  • how do u even...

  • Nosia In the house

  • Always. So Sick.

  • I likey

    especially the vocal bit thrown in. adds effect

  • Revisited this! Loving your conception!