trying out stank trap

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  • maaaaaaaaaan

  • wow its already been one year

    • <insert funny here>

    • wow its already been one year since the last time it had been one year

    • wow its already been one year since its been one year

  • Still fire.

  • Oh man I remember when this first came out, AT had a glitch to where you couldn't see the waveform and it just made the experience of this track sooo much more intense.

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  • Satan is here 666

  • rip 666

  • 666 like...

    Not that anyone cares...

  • refav

  • just came back to this <3 <3 <3

  • It's still as sick as the first time i heard it. Even better

  • yo this is insane

  • refav

  • sPiCeY


    • omf i forgot when top comment was a thing

  • this no waveform shit starting to get on my nerves.

    • Who else remembers this? ^^^^^^