First remix, and its a remix of a remix. If a remix is half a good portion of one with the mixer added, and a 2x-mix is half of one's in a mix already, how much room did I have to mix in... I thought 25%(go halvsies on the previous mixer)... give or take. I shrunk only a few spots of the Skrillex section for the smooth side's sake, kept most of Infyuthsion's work, tweak the YOMG, some of his drums and basses, and switched his 'scary' with a bit smooth and added some pulse. I hope the uban/techno/dubstep tweak is good enough (wow, that sound like I lack confidence. Don't peg me wrong, I just don't wanna get the track troll'd and hated by people XD). Guessin' all I can say now is that I hope y'all enjoy it.

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  • Cool ;)

    Here >http://www.audiotool.com/track/skrillex_damian_marley_-_make_it_bun_dem_-_plasmatickers_version_remix/

  • Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just awesome!

  • Omg this is so aweshuum!!! :D Lurvz it ^_^

  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i dont even know what to say.. guys you are geniuus!!!!

  • OMG!!!!!! You made my favrite song even BETTER!!!!!!

  • Daaaang!!! That was the best! :D Good Job! Is it okay if I play that at my next school dance coming up this week?

  • That is AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ca déchire !

  • do-doodooo-dodo-dood-dooo.

  • wow ive never thought of it that way before thanks man

  • lol, it like walking into a piece of someone's mind when you get to remix a track, which I don't mind for any of my tracks, so don't be intimidated by pressing remix. It's a way to learn, even if you don't remix anything, because you come out learning something. :D

  • nice track though

  • nevermind its nothing against the track its that i opened the track an well..... its way too complicated for me

  • hey is ok if i remix this