Just a quick play around. :3

Added slight compression on the tonematrix. :P

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  • Love the bass synth that comes in at 2:33 !! Really gritty..

  • I think the whole thing is awesome.

  • I agree. The 2nd half rules. Great bass sound. Incredible.

  • Great One. Second half is killer.

  • This is siick!! Amazing job!! :D

  • Some interesting stuff going on here. I like it! Audiotool is fucking up on me when I try to favorite this.

  • I like this track u can dance to it :)

  • I like this track u can dance to it :)

  • Well I was actually thinking of collaborating with someone else at the moment..and all of the members of Anima want to do another track..so it would have to wait quite a while.

  • It'll become a trend, just like the goal list lol.

  • Hahah, yes, a true "syntax-er" doesn't even listen to the song! They just favourite it anyway! >:D


  • Bah! Who needs transitions when you're as bad as me anyway. :D