This MAY be my entry for Klub Affekt.

It's nowhere near done yet.

I know you guys were probably expecting something Complextro-y for my attempt, but I wanted something more solid.

So here we go. Thoughts?

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  • Way too late for that.

  • defo should enter for Affekt!!

  • Sweeeet stuff!

  • very nice . i think i would add some hi hats , but other than that great work syntax

  • BTF Needs more plays i think lol

  • it's the dry/wet on the graphic e.q that's responsible..... I don't know why, but it's sending the low freq's to the left :)

  • interesting sounds, second part is better for me :)

  • seems like it's on one side low passing mode and in the other side hi pass

  • yeh that's right.... heavy to the left in my ear....perhaps need centralizing? :)

  • @cripta is right BAss loud on one side :) Solid track though :) much respect !!

  • so good...but wait...or my headphones are broken again...or the synth bass is only on the right speaker ???

  • N1:) !

  • This is so similiar to Deadmau, it's awesome

  • i agree.........

  • It would be a good entry though.